January 2, 2009

what would diana think?

Have you ever had the experience of looking at the work of an artist you admire and thinking, "all right then. I'm shit. Time to get back at it and work harder." I love it when that happens. When you're just starting out, and particularly when you live in an isolated part of the world, true critics and mentors are hard to come by. While she's thousands of miles away in Winnipeg, and quite unbeknownst to her, Diana Thorneycroft is one of those people for me.

Her work explores the uncomfortable truths behind our national symbols, sacred cows and our seeming ease with the spectacle of violence. It's intelligent, provocative, uncomfortable, funny, dark and beautifully executed - everything art should be.

"Algonquin Park" and "Winter on the Don" from her Group of Seven Awkward Moments Series:

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