January 10, 2009

calling all pacific pallisades grannies

Wherever I travel, be it through the physical or cyber world, I'm always on the lookout for certain hard-to-find vintage treasures. Up til now I've had some great luck tracking down or stumbling upon many of these coveted design items but there is one that continues to elude me. The Revell dollhouse designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1959 complete with eames furniture. In what may be the single greatest miniature tragedy of our time, the house never made it past the R&D phase though there are rumoured to be prototypes floating around out there. The thought of it keeps me up nights.

I did inquire at the Eames Office when we visited a year or so ago, but they claimed to be equally in the dark. Where's a pacific pallisades Granny/former industrial designer with forgetful tendencies and a large attic when I need one?

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