January 26, 2009

dreaming of do-overs

It used to be a common occurrence in my ongoing search for "the THING" in life - the second guessing. Since finally stumbling upon my own version of that elusive thing a few years ago, I haven't had much cause to wish for do-overs. I have to say though, when I listen to these guys (and I listen to them a lot) I can't help thinking maybe music is the way to go . . .

The Frames/Swell Season live rendition of Fitzcarraldo is truly one of the finest things in life. If you aren't able to get out to see them live, you can download the next best thing from Played Last Night or check out some great sets on youtube. Is it too late, do you think to take up the guitar? or the piano? or the violin?

(p.s. it behooves me to mention that a certain someone I know has a major man crush on the drummer.)

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