February 14, 2009

my funny post-modern valentine

I happen to think Valentine's day is pretty much the cheesiest of all the cheesy born-of-religion-raised in-capitalism holidays. Then again I think red roses, heart shaped pendants and boxes of candy are pretty icky. If you must succumb to the notion of love = buying things, here are a few ideas that are at least a little more original.

Nothing says lovers in a dangerous time quite as much as these items - Tobias Wong's ballistic rose pin will take a bullet for you, while Sam & Jude's 3 gun vase is perfect for the NRA couple who believe that love means never having to say sorry (not even if you were to accidentally shoot each other).

If you are getting tired of hearing your beloved playing this song ad nauseam, the 2 carat cup by Yusuke Fujinuma is sure to get a reaction.

Though don't be surprised if the next song you hear is this one...
For those who are too busy, too important (or just plain too turned off by PDAs) to actually hug their beloved, there's always the hug shirt by cute circuit. This gadget allows users to send and receive simulated human contact via blackberry. Now if that's not love . . .

And last but not least, for those out there who don't happen to have a Plus One on this magical day, there's always the Buddy Throw. Comes in a number of colours to match any decor, but none is more creepy than this chalk-outline version. (although who am I to judge? I suppose even necrophiliacs deserve a little nooky on VDay.)

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