February 16, 2009

design matters: bringing the mean streets in

Living as I do on the edge of one of the last true wilderness areas on earth, there are days when all the trees and fresh air and birds and four-legged fur bearing visitors gets to be a bit much. In the midst of all this rural charm, one does what one can to keep connected to the concrete jungle.

In Japan's Pull+Push design team, I think I've found real kindred spirits who understand what it means to yearn for cement and rebar and smog and industry. A few of these items carefully placed around your home are sure to quench your inner urban longings.

from their collection of planters: cube, pipe, hei, mansion and haisui.

Incense pots: cottage and factory:

Ashtrays: kiso and foot

I can practically smell the smog. Welcome to my happy place.

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