February 12, 2009

keeping calm

I don't know about the rest of you, but I had high hopes for 2009. Sky high, pie in the sky hopes for 09. Despite, or perhaps because of these high expectations, the fates seem to have gone ahead and made other plans for me. Being that this is a favourite things compendium however, I'll spare you the hundred paper cuts account of the previous 6 weeks.

Instead, I'll reach deep within my DNA wells and summon up my British stiff upper lip (well, Scottish. Sorry Nan) and pull out this little propaganda ditty from world war II. I've seen the design reappearing lately in all sorts of places from interior design shops to restaurants, including the Cascade Room in Vancouver.

If ever a Pimm's cup could qualify as a mean cocktail, theirs surely would.

Chin up old boy. V-Day (aka the world's most pathetic holiday) is just around the corner.

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