December 3, 2008

So bad it's good

After only 28 hours of traveling, one smashed bag and another lost somewhere en route (thanks heathrow or was it schipol?) we arrived back home at midnight drunk from jetlag.

After a good sleep and a grocery run I'm pretty much ready for bed again. So many imprints from the trip are running through my head - including this little ditty by the Ting Tings. Don't know if it's hit North America yet but we couldn't get away from this song, especially in Berlin. With lyrics like this, it's hard to believe these two actually speak english as their first language.

Give it a listen or two or three. Just try not to like it. I sure did.

The Ting Tings - Thats Not My Name.mp3 -

1 comment:

Kirst said...

Welcome home J and P!
I enjoyed reading about your travels. I'm sure you'll be so hip now I won't be able to stand you, but I'm looking forward to hearing more detail once you get some sleep.
p.s. I think the Ting Tings actually got into your head not in Berlin but back in the Yukon where their music featured prominently at the dual-birthday celebration at my house...