December 22, 2008

don't run we are your friends

Yesterday marked the longest night (ie darkest day) of the year which means that so long as my SAD light continues to hold out for a few more months, I may just make it through til spring.

In these dark days, many of us in northern climes are preoccupied with light, or in my case, lighting. Here are a few random favourites:

Tobias Wong's sun jar - a solar powered lamp that sits on the window sill storing up sunlight to release when the darkness descends. Ours is pretty much useless this time of year but it is lovely in the between seasons. We gots ours at Reform School in LA.

Designed by George Carwardine in 1933, the ubiquitous desk lamp got a cool re-design when Anglepoise (the original manufacturers) released this larger than life version on the 70th anniversary of its invention.

One of my absolute favourites, the 85 Lamps Chandelier by Rodi Graumans of Droog Design (we just visited the flagship store in Amsterdam last month).

Last up for today is the Don't Run We Are Your Friends light from designer el ultimo grito. You can adjust the ambience of the light as you adjust the lamp up and down. Love this.

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