October 26, 2008

One week

With just a week to go til we make the jump across the pond, I've just today got cause to begin stressing over the contents of my suitcase. First, I received a dispatch from a friend in who's currently in Paris (after presenting to the UN in Geneva no less) detailing the stylishness of that city's denizens. Then I stumbled upon this site devoted to Copenhagen street style. And this one for Berlin. And this one for Amsterdam.

Factor in the 20 kilo weight restriction imposed by SAS and another email received today from a friend visiting Scotland who advises warm weather gear and wellies, and the dilemma really takes hold.

1 comment:

Kirst said...

My advice: bring an empty suitcase. In Paris I have purchased boots, a jacket, lingerie, jewelry, chocolate, tiny pots of mustard, a skirt, and bright pink stockings, among other things.

ps you are no longer the only grade six vocabulary champion with her own blog...