October 17, 2008

live at the pumpehuset

Warning: friends and family who are sick of hearing me talk about the swell season - read no further. It's no secret I have a bit of a thing for these two. We got tickets to see Martha Wainwright at the Regency Center in San Francisco last year and were a little annoyed to see she was opening for this band called the Swell Season. I mean Martha Wainwright as an opening act? (apparently Martha does have less of a following in SF than here in Canada - I still remember her kicking at her amp and shouting into the mike um excuuuuse me? is my playing interfering with your f@$%ing talking?)

Anyhoo, so after Martha does her thing, out comes this dorky irish guy with a beat up guitar and a waify little euro-hippy chick and the crowd goes wild. They blow the roof of the place. We've been hooked ever since.

You've probably seen their little indie flick, Once or maybe seen them perform and win for this song at the Oscars. Boomp3.com

In a few short weeks we'll be following them to Copenhagen to see their show at the Pumpehuset. At least I think we got tickets, my danish is pretty abysmal.

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