December 22, 2010

have yourself a modernist little christmas

Growing up, gingerbread houses always featured prominently in our holiday traditions and lately I've been thinking about resurrecting the tradition for my household. Wouldn't it be great, I thought, to make a modernist version? A brief internet search revealed that many many others have been similarly inspired - with remarkable results.

Check out this phenomenal Eames house version found on Raymond Adams flickr page

And these fantastic submissions to a charity auction sponsored by Vancouver's Creative Room. In their words "... a candy-filled homage to The Case Study House Program organized by Arts and Architecture Magazine from 1945 to 1964. We asked the entrants to do away with ubiquitous veneer of jujubes and smarties in an effort to re-interpret the gingerbread house within a modern context."

Along with a few other random grabs. Stay tuned to this site next year for a Yukon modern version...

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