October 24, 2010

stahl house

The tell-tale markings of winter have been upon us for some weeks now but it doesn't get me down because very soon we'll be California-bound again. We're trying to line up as many art and design adventures as can be allowed while still accommodating for pesky nap times. One I'm most looking forward to - in fact I get downright giddy at the thought - is a tour of the one and only Stahl House aka Case Study House #22. Perched high in the Hollywood hills, the home was designed by renowned mid-century architect Pierre Koenig (though reading this article, one wonders whether Buck Stahl himself doesn't deserve at least a co-credit). Even if you haven't heard it referred to as the Stahl House, it's likely you'll know it by that oh so iconic photo (see below) taken by Julius Shulman, the godfather of architectural photography. Case study house #22 is viewed by many as the pinnacle example of mid-century California modernism.

Here's that most famous photo along with one of the master himself at work.

I'm not at all fond of the term "bucket list" but I must say the chance to tour both the grounds and the interior of the Stahl house next month certainly ticks a major must do off my proverbial life list!

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