April 6, 2009

from russia with love

Today's favourite things posting goes to this incredible pictogram letter Charles Eames sent his daughter Lucia and her family describing his visit to Russia. From the Eames archives.

Get it, charred l's? Took me a while!


Mary said...

hmmmm. I get almost all of it except for the first part of the third sentence (before many)... batter, hit, sports... russia, soviet, ????

I need an answer page, or shall I just look at it day after day until it dawns on me.

(And I would have never got the charred L's)

What a clever chap, now I'll go off and read more about him (and his missus).

Me said...

I have a confession to make - I didn't get the date or the newspaper reference on line three. Thankfully someone else did though - check it out here...

hope your weekend of doing nothing is coming to fruition!