March 9, 2009

mattel modern

For the last couple of days, people have been forwarding me articles about Barbie turning 50, usually accompanied with a note that says "this made me think of you". Now where they would get the idea that I would be interested in such a thing I couldn't possibly say. I hate that crazy bitch and all her cheap plastic paraphernalia. Well, to be fair, she wasn't always that way. There was a time way back when when toy makers like Mattel, Suzy Goose and Deluxe Reading made some pretty beautiful things for Barbie and friends. As her hair changed from brown to bottle blonde and her boobs ballooned and her waistline grew concave, so did her accessories undergo the same cheapening process.

Among the best of the vintage best is the Mattel Modern furniture line. Introduced in 1958, (a full year before Barbie came to be) this line of made in japan, danish inspired mid century furniture is highly sought after 50 years on.

I guess we can always hope that menopause will bring her to her senses and inspire a return to the classic roots from which she came, but I'm not holding my breath. Happy birthday old girl.

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