November 13, 2008

del bellavista and other coastal delights

We took a time-out from spotting design classics to venture up the 'danish riviera' and take in a few iconic sites. First stop, Klampenborg to check out Arne Jacobsen's "Bellavista" housing complex, next to his eponymous cafe.

Next stop in Klampenborg was to see Finn Juhl's house - unfortunately it was closed that day. We tried to peek in but were thwarted by a photo crew using the house for a fashion shoot. Images of the interior here.

Onwards to Rungsted to see Karen Blixen's danish estate, now a museum. The best part of the visit was walking the grounds - 40 acres of forest and gardens that she had turned into a private bird sanctuary before her death in 1962. She's buried under a stately old beech tree on the estate. Also enjoyed reading excerpts from her notebooks and the handwritten note from Denys instructing her sternly on how to operate his new motorcar. It was lovely to complete the pilgrimage but the interior was definitely more sterile than the warmth of her Nairobi house.

Last stop up the coast was to the marvellous Louisiana Museum of Art. Founded by Knud Jensen in memory of his three wives - all named Louise. Unfortunately it gets dark here by 3:30 pm so it was hard to fully take in the surroundings. Quite an impressive museum - even the cafe (well worth the $16 sandwich). Took in the Eve Sussman and the Rufus Project exhibition. That deserves a post unto itself - save it for another (rainy) day.

(photos from museum website)

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Christiana said...

Oh wow, too much gorgeousness to take in... What an amazing vacation! Thank you for sharing!